Valid8 INnovation Readiness SCORE

The Valid8 Innovation Readiness Score is a statistical decision making tool to guide a founder’s journey to successful commercialisation. It’s the assurance you need before taking the next steps into self-funding, proof of concepts or investment.

What is it?

The Valid8 Innovation Readiness Score is is a statistical decision support tool for commercialisation and investment based on neuroscience, academic papers, research, analysis and experience.  

The Innov8 Readiness Score is not a guarantee of success but a guide to help set priorities, identify gaps and focus resources on addressing those factors which are more likely to correlate to success, or result in failures. 

Valid8 has designed a framework  to allow “freedom” for assessors to converse with founders/businesses/product developers/entrepreneurs about the opportunities and threats that are common in the innovation/startup/scale up process.

The Valid8 Readiness Score relies on evidence provided across multiple categories and data points to highlight the “market readiness” of your product for launch, trial or investment.

Used by: Founders I Entrepreneurs I Business Owners I Product developers I Agile leaders I Program Directors I Chief Innovation Officers I Product Officers I Chief Digital Officers IAdvisors I Mentors I Boards I Investment Brokers I Investors

Readiness SCORE


We recommend allowing 60-90minutes for a conversational interview and request that participants supply evidence of their answers where possible.

Recommendations of next steps and priorities

Follow up 30min review with your innovation cheerleader

Based on academic papers, analysis and neuroscience

First step to accessing the Compatibility Matrix for trials, channel partner or investors.

Scorecard report based on key success indicators

A statistical decision making algorithm to accelerate commercialisation

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