Valid8 is a great assessment program all Start-Up Founders should use before they go to market and all Investors and Grant Funds should look to see if Founders have gone beyond a self-assessment before they search for investment. I hear time and time again “Founders are unaware of their blind spots” and Investors want to see Founders show up without gaps and blind spots or at least have them identified and a plan to resolve them 

Valid8 Innovations conduct a review across the 5 areas of Strategy, Customer Driven, Support/Finance, Market Ready and Launch. The Gap Analysis is the great way for a Founder to receive specific feedback and focus and the Investors to quickly get a view beyond a pitch deck and financial forecasts.

We talk about agile, fail fast and match fit Valid8 enables you to achieve this quickly and worth the investment.

Advisory Board of Startup

“Participating in the trial required an open mind, understanding of the founder’s needs for research whilst also putting the needs of my client first. It was great to provide feedback during the trial which would enhance the offering and at the same time notice the difference and realisation of real value for my clients.”

Switched on book keeping
Enterprise User, Switched on BookkeepingEnterprise User, Switched on Bookkeeping

“We had worked with a passion on our project for many years, the project in which we could see was going to make a difference for many. We sought advice, paid large amounts of money others to make the dream a reality only to be disappointed. After a time we had hit a wall. After a chance meeting with Carolyn and Howard from Valid8, the pace of the project has been far more than I had expected. The passion shown in our project from Carolyn has been as if she is owner of the project. I really enjoy working together with Valid8 as I really can see progress after years of none. Thank you Carolyn.”

Matt Krueger – iChef Founder