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Welcome to Validate Innovations

We are part of that great ecosystem of innovation and commercialisation of ideas. We love the enthusiasm, drive and passion that innovators ,investors, government supporters and the business. But with a 9/10 failure rate for startups in Australia, we believe we can do better to collaborate with industry and create more success stories.

SO we want to harness the enthusiasm and talent and give founders every opportunity to see their ideas come to life. So let’s get you into the market where you want to operate.

Validate Innovations seeks to mitigate the bias, the risks and potential losses by validating the desirability (do customers need your solution), feasibility (do you have the right resources) and viability (will your customers pay for your solution) of your product.

Why clients choose us

Why Choose us?

We are your greatest advocate.
We work with you to Valid8 your ideas to ensure your readiness for investors, mergers, acquisitions, commercialisation or launch. 

We work with you to validate:

Customer Need

If you have identified a real customer need and true market fit with a sustainable advantage

Paying Customers

If your customer is willing to pay for it and what are they willing to pay.

Right Resources

We help you optimise your resources. To create some certainty and get you into the market at the right time.

Remove the Risk

We connect innovative start-ups with commercial enterprises to trial and test a value proposition or to drive cross collaboration.


We are inspired by the ideas, passion and energy of our entrepreneurs and innovators. We want to increase the certainty to scale up successful innovation. Work with us. 

We are continually learning from the past mistakes of others to create better tools, better insights and better decisions.

We want to be part of something bigger. To be instrumental in the success of Australian innovation.

Become part of our collective genius.


Our Commitment

 To be your advocates – this means we are part of your team.

To act with honesty and integrity.

To share our knowledge and contacts to enable your success.

To be accessible.



Carolyn is the founder and managing director of 6peas marketing & engagement established in 2007.  An Experience Management company applying the learning from neuroscience to establish high performing teams in the pursuit of a competitive advantage. 

Carolyn has developed proprietary communications and experience management frameworks to drive more effective engagement with customers and employees.


Provides consulting services in sustainable business development, sustainable community development and sustainable leadership. Recently seed funded by Advance Queensland to establish the Sustainable Startup Hub to enable emerging businesses to have a strong environmental, economic and social foundation.

Reappointed as a Global Advisor to the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme and as an Industry Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland.

Howard Nielsen

Matt Krueger – iChef Founder


“We had worked with a passion on our project for many years, the project in which we could see was going to make a difference for many. We sought advice, paid large amounts of money others to make the dream a reality only to be disappointed. After a time we had hit a wall…

Go Tradie

Advisory Board of Startup


“Valid8 is a great assessment program all Start-Up Founders should use before they go to market and all Investors and Grant Funds should look to see if Founders have gone beyond a self-assessment before they search for investment. I hear time and time again “Founders are unaware of their blind…

Little Tree Restaurant

Switched on Bookkeeping


“Participating in the trial required an open mind, understanding of the founder’s needs for research whilst also putting the needs of my client first. It was great to provide feedback during the trial which would enhance the offering and at the same time notice the difference and realisation of real…